Our Work

BDA prepares several presentations, articles, and research reports each year. See below for examples of BDA’s expertise related to incentives and support for economic development organizations. Click here for Blogs


Aligning Incentives with Equitable Economic Development (2019)
This presentation examines specific ways to link incentive use with inclusive and equitable development goals.

Gig and Independent Work in the Washington Region:
This presentation defines gig and independent work and provides data on its characteristics in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.

GASB 77 Incentive Workshop (2017):
This presentation addresses steps economic development professionals should take to prepare for tax abatement disclosures at the state and local level.

Evaluate and Maximize Your Return on Incentives (2016):
This presentation describes analytical steps for assessing the community return on incentives before and after awards are made.

Guidelines for Effective and Responsible Business Incentives (2015):
This presentation addresses ways to reduce risk and improve compliance and effectiveness in incentive programs.

Smart Incentives and Technology (CDFA 2014):
This presentation explains how to use data and analytical tools to make better incentive decisions.

Best Practices in Incentive Due Diligence (IEDC 2014):
This presentation describes steps for conducting due diligence on incentive applicants.

Public Reports


      • “Competencies and Policies for Gig and Independent Work.” UAS Journal, Journal of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. Issue 4, 2019. https://uasjournal.fi/4-2019/policies-for-independent-work/
      • “Gig and Independent Work. A New Frontier for Economic Development.” IEDC Economic Development Journal 18:3 (18-24). Summer 2019.
      • New Disclosure Rules and the Future of Incentives (IEDC Economic Development Journal, Summer 2016)
      • “Cost-Benefit Analysis of Investment Incentives,” in Rethinking Investment Incentives. (Columbia University Press, 2016)
      • Taking Business Community Partnerships To a New Level (IEDC Members Only, 2014)
      • Who Are You Dealing With? Gathering Corporate Intelligence Before Negotiating Incentives (IEDC Economic Development Now, 2013)
      • Services in the Detroit Regional Economy: Implications for a City in Transition (The Services Industries Journal, 2011)
      • Recession and Professional & Business Services Employment in the US: No Safe Haven (Povos e Culturas, 2011)
      • Human Capital Policies in Practice – Thinking Beyond Young Talent (Applied Research in Economic Development, 2009)
      • Professional and Business Services in Regional Economies (IEDC Economic Development Journal, 2006)