Economic Research

BDA researches and analyzes economic issues and policy initiatives that affect regional economic development. Our research clients include federal agencies, trade associations, think tanks, universities and policy groups, as well as economic development organizations.

Policy Research

BDA conducts research on client-defined topics related to economic development policy options and effectiveness. Recent projects have addressed:

                • Human capital and entrepreneurship
                • Effect of the regulatory environment on economic development
                • Impact of long-term trends in globalization, environment, and demographics on regional economic growth
                • Policies to support manufacturing SMEs
                • Use of information technologies to foster global competitiveness

Services Research

BDA conducts research on the contributions service industries make to regional economic growth. BDA founder Ellen Harpel is an expert on the role of professional services and knowledge-intensive business services in regional economies.

Fiscal and Economic Impact

Impact analyses can be powerful decision-making and communication tools, but they are easy to misuse or misinterpret. BDA has experience working with multiple partners and analytical tools for a variety of project types. Recent projects have included:

                • Statewide military impact analysis
                • Contributions to a statewide DoD procurement economic impact evaluation model
                • Impact of the New Markets Tax Credit program
                • Impact of credit unions on a state economy
                • Analysis of the economic effects of uranium operations in select communities